Monday, Oct 4, 2021

Princeton Magazine looks beyond "Deaths of Despair" in this poignant profile of CHW affiliates Anne Case and Angus Deaton. They are described as a "warm, engaging, and entertaining couple — committed to making an impact on one of the most troubling problems plaguing our country, as they wield significant weight in the corridors of power."

Monday, Oct 4, 2021

Anne Case, the Alexander Stewart 1886 Professor of Economics and Public Affairs, Emeritus, was named a 2021 Distinguished Fellow by the American Economic Association (AEA).

Monday, Jul 1, 2019

Angus Deaton received an honorary doctor of letters (Litt. D.) degree from the University of Cambridge, his alma mater, along with fellow honorees receiving doctorates from the Congregation for Honorary Degrees on June 19, 2019...

Wednesday, Mar 13, 2019

Maria Micaela Sviatschi is one of an elite group of "Princeton researchers awarded funding for innovative education research projects" from the Overdeck Education Innovation Fund.

Monday, Mar 19, 2018

"By deporting 200,000 Salvadorans, Trump may be boosting gang recruitment" - An analysis written by Micaela Sviatschi, published in The Washington Post on February 12, 2018...

Wednesday, Mar 15, 2017

Angus Deaton has been awarded the 2017 Colonel James Tod Award by the Maharana of the Mewar Charitable Foundation of Udaipur, India.